visitofficiaAll day long, you stare at the computer screen, looking at success stories of people who have lost weight. Don’t you just wish, I wish this was me? Losing weight requires, dedication, commitment and the power to say to all the yummy food in the world. Imagine saying a no to pizza! To make the process of losing weight easy, there are other options such as surgeries, liposuction and weight loss supplements too.
With myriads of weight loss supplements and diet tips crowding the internet, it is hard to tell which one will work. Then there is the added disadvantage of side effects that leaves you baffled at the prospect of having to risk your health on the premise of losing weight. It does not help that when choosing weight loss methods most people look for wrong kind of motivations: quick and easy weight loss methods, no added hard work, and cheap pills. They try hundreds of supplements and various tonics before they realize that the pills do more damage to their body than obesity ever did. Wrought on by headaches, dizziness, and high blood pressure, they eventually discontinue their efforts to lose weight and surrender to their insecurities. What needs to be understood is not that weight loss supplements are all a pretense waiting to rob you off your money but that some might very well be. Then what can help is sound knowledge of what you’re looking for and a keen eye to catch discrepancies. Before you decide which diet supplement to buy, set up a meeting with your healthcare adviser and make sure you know what can potentially harm your body. However, as you set out to buy your weight loss supplement, do not expect a magic pill in bottle – no matter what companies claim, pills that claim instant weight loss can harm your bodily processes.

forskollOne supplement that has rapidly caught everyone’s attention is Pure Natural Forskolin or ‘Lightning in the Bottle’ as Dr. Oz has described it. A bit controversial in the field of weight loss science, Forskolin gained rapid popularity when Dr. Oz featured the herb on his TV show ‘The Dr. Oz Show’. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon, who has been hosting ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ since 2009 claims that Forskolin is a ‘belly blasting supplement.’ With so many reviews out there claiming one thing or the other about the supplement and Dr. Oz supplying the mind with all kinds of visuals of melting and bursting bellies, a review that regards all your insecurities about a quick weight loss supplement is due.

What is Forskolin? Belonging to the mint family, Forskolin is a compound found in the roots of a tropical plant called Indian coleus. Contrary to popular opinion, Forskolin is neither a new discovery nor come into use recently. Forskolin has been used to treat various diseases and conditions in traditional herbal medicine, in fact those who have ever used medicine to counter asthma and high blood pressure might already be aware of it because of its ability to expand lung passages allowing for more air to reach the lungs. In an episode of his TV show ‘The Dr. Oz Show’, Dr. Oz calls it ‘a miracle flower’ but is it really a miraculous breakthrough in weight loss science? On the same episode, Dr. Oz describes the miracle herb to his client saying, ‘Researchers believe this ancient ingredient triggers a cascade of reactions that cause fat cells to melt away.’ Vague as it is, the statement does hold a bit of truth as Forskolin speeds up the metabolism and helps attack fat in areas where it is likely to deposit – stomach, hips, and thighs. In addition, Forskolin takes into consideration the lean muscle mass since the goal of weight loss is not just being thin but healthy as well. Reportedly, the pill not only burns your fat ‘like a furnace’ but it also strengthens not only the muscles but the bones too. Forskolin Premium, the magic pill, contains 20 percent Forskolin extract and a daily dose of 500mg is recommended which accounts for 2 pills a day. Rumor has it that the American television star Rachael Ray lost 25 pounds by using the same Forskolin capsules.


However, with Dr. Oz claiming it a miracle, we have yet to see what the users think of it. One warning sign that flashes red every time a new supplement hits the market is the lack of scientific research and experiments done on it, and Premium Forskolin is no different. The study that Dr. Oz cites to validate Forskolin is preliminary and even at that the study does not show any promising results. Even in proper studies (like the one found on the website for US National Library of Medicine) confirms no significant results from the experiment. The only other study that shows mild changes in body fat was done on rats (also found of the website for US National Library of Medicine). Alongside a serious lack of scientific studies, some warning reviews have been circulating around the internet with users cautioning potential consumers against the futility and possible hazards of the product. Some possible hazards (as described by webMD) state that the herb if taken through an IV can lower blood pressure, possibly because of a direct intake. Other possible side effects include irritation in the respiratory tube and dizziness. The dosage could also cause redness in the eyes, headache, and an increase in heart rate. Many users of the product who have taken to the internet to explain their experience of using the magic weight loss supplement claim that the pills caused no significant changes and resulted in failed additions to their diets.

With a serious lack of scientific research and no plausible study to back the success rate of the product, many potential users are at a loss as to whether they should risk taking the supplement at the expense of their health. Many have even become delusional with claims of instant weight loss supplements because of an abundance of various kinds of pills in the markets. However, many are even hopeful that this one will surely do the trick. The best way to find out is to try but these weight loss pills should not be considered the be all and end all of the path to weight loss. Many of their side effects can be countered and their success rate can be increased if one maintains a healthy diet side by side.